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Anyways, in this article, I will focus on translating the Dokan plugin (as I did in my previous translation article) into the French Language, but this method will work for any themes/plugins in WordPress.

Downloading POT files

In the first stage, the pot files need to download. For those plugins which are available in the repository, the pot file download link list can be found from the Development tab screen.

From the list, choose the desired language and download Portable Object Message Catalog (.po/.pot) and Machine Object Message Catalog (.mo) files.

Usually, any premium plugins are not hosted in the repository. So, those plugins translation files are also not available in that repository. However, those plugins POT files can be found by reaching their support.

Remaining POT files

Once the files are downloaded, rename them with the text-domain and country locale code. Dokan Lite (Free) plugin’s text-domain is dokan-lite, and any premium version of the Dokan plugin’s text-domain is dokan.

Uploading POT files

See the changes

The translation part is done by completing the above tasks. Now, it is time to see the changes. To do that, change the Site Language from the WordPress Admin Dashboard > Settings > General screen.

Great 👍 Your plugin/theme is now translated in your desired language.

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