How to translate Dokan with POT file?

How to translate Dokan with POT file?

Most of the users would like to know if there is an easy way to translate the Dokan plugin without translating each string (word/text) one by one. Here, I’m going to write a method that will help users to translate the Dokan plugin’s almost 80% strings automatically.

But I would like to inform you one thing is the Translation files are translated by WordPress Community contribution. You can see some languages are translated 90%+ and some are 0%. This differs because of less contribution. In this case, users need to translate each string manually.

However, without talking much let’s jump into it 🏃‍♂️🏃‍♀️.

Here, I will show the translation for the French Language.

To do that, at first, you need to download the .po and .mo files from the translation repository. Let’s download the Dokan Lite (Free) files from the following URL – To download, choose your desired language from that page and click on it.

Here, you can see the French Language is not fully translated yet. Only 2% are translated yet, and 3699 Strings are still waiting for approval by the Community Translation Editor. In this case, you may be confused, what to do, if the file is not ready yet. Since the translation are not approved yet but those are already added to the repository trunk. So, you can download the Waiting part translation files from the next pages.

Now scroll bottom and choose the Portable Object Message Catalog (.po/.pot). Then export it by clicking on the Export link. After that, you need to download another file by the same process. Choose the Machine Object Message Catalog (.mo) from the dropdown and Export it.

Let’s download the Dokan Pro files from the following URL –

Here, I’m downloading the Business package files. You can choose your available purchase packaged translation files from the below URLs –

Since I’m translating the French language in this article, so I’m downloading the French language files from the above-mentioned URL.

From the next page, download the files in the same process as downloaded or exported Dokan Lite (Free) files. Here, you don’t need to filter translation files by Waiting or Development. You will get all translated strings in one place.

After downloading all files, you need to rename the files with text-domain and locale code. The text-domain for Dokan plugins given below –

  • Dokan Lite (Free)’s text-domain will be dokan-lite
  • Dokan Pro for all plans text-domain will be dokan

Now, you need to find the locale code of your translated language. You can find the locale code from the following URL page –

You need to copy the WordPress Locale Code column text from the table.

For the French language, the Locale code will be – fr_FR.

So, the file names will be as follows –

  • For Dokan Lite (Free) – dokan-lite-fr_FR.po and
  • For Dokan Pro – dokan -fr_FR.po and dokan

Congrats, you’re almost done. Now, you just need to put the files in the correct place. You need to copy the files and paste them into the root directory of the website (public_html) → wp-content → languages → plugins directory.

Here, I have shared the Cpanel File Manager’s interface screenshots. If you’re using GoDaddy, Bluehost, Hostinger, etc, then the File Manager interface will be different. You can contact your hosting provider to get the directory.

Now, you need to change the site language from the WordPress Dashboard → Settings → General panel. You need to select your desired language from the Site Language dropdown field and click on the Save Changes button.

Congratulation, you’ve successfully translated Dokan plugin into another language 🎉🥳🎈

Bonus Part:

Since you’ve already seen the files are not fully translated, so you need to complete the translation by translating the untranslated strings or you may need to change any translation if you don’t feel the translation is appropriate. In that case, you can download the Loco Translate plugin and update the translation files. The plugin will automatically detect the files from the directory. But here, you need to rename the Text domain, File prefix, Template file for the Dokan Pro plugin

You need to edit the Text domain, File prefix, Template file from the Advanced tab panel of the Dokan Pro plugin and then click on the Save Config button.

Then the Overview interface will be the following –

Now, you need to click the Edit link of the language file for updating or translating the untranslated strings. To update the translation file, you need to click on Sync button from the next page and Save it.

The translation file update process will be the same for Dokan Lite (Free) plugin. But here, you don’t need to edit/update anything from the Advanced tab.

— Thank you for reading this article 🙂

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