Best Project Management Plugin for WordPress

Best Project Management Plugin for WordPress

WP Project Manager VS WordPress Project Management by UpStream

WordPress is currently the most popular content management system (CMS) in the world. WordPress powers more than 30% of the website around the world and it is growing rapidly. Usually, CMSes are used for blogging, but a WordPress site can also be turned into an e-commerce store, a sports website, an entertainment page or any other your heart desires.

WordPress has the largest developer’s community that makes WordPress handier as the days passed. If you are keen to use a smartphone, you surely can manage a WordPress site easily. By installing apps in smartphones you can enjoy some extra features as the same as using plugins in a WordPress site. In this article, I am going to talk about one of the most important fields that can be highly benefited by WordPress plugin which is project management.

Project management involves planning, organization, and discipline in following procedures, policies or guidelines to meet your prospected deadline and within the budget you desire. This usually involves working with multiple members on a team to achieve predetermined goals and objectives. A quality control check by a project manager might also be involved to make sure things are up to a certain standard. WordPress has some creative solutions for managing your projects right within your dashboard.

I will be discussing here comparatively the two project management plugin which is helpful in your choice.

Firstly, let’s talk about WordPress Project Management by UpStream

UpStream is a project management plugin for WordPress which has both free and paid versions. UpStream allows you to manage any type of project from inside your WordPress site. The user-friendly interface and walkthrough guide makes it easy for you to create a project, collaborate with team members, and overview all the project at once. By frontend view, your clients can track the progress of their project.

If you want to enjoy advanced features, you need to buy their premium extensions.

WordPress Project Management by UpStream Backend View

Free Features of UpStream

  • Project overview and details all in one place.
  • Allows unlimited milestones to track your project.
  • Unlimited tasks for what you need to be done.
  • Track bugs and issues and assign them to others.
  • UpStream is highly customizable.
  • Manage your clients from your backend client panel.
  • Discuss the project from the discussion thread.
  • Track all your project activities from the activity board.
  • Custom capabilities and permission using the “Members” plugin.

Premium features of UpStream

  • You can edit your project from the frontend view.
  • Duplicate existing projects.
  • Customize your frontend view styles.
  • UpStream allows you to add custom fields.
  • Send email notification to your user for more activity.
  • Show your project status in the frontend Gantt view or calendar view.

Secondly, let’s talk about another amazing WordPress Project Management plugin called WP Project Manager

While you want to create projects and assign specific tasks to your user in a well-organized manner and want to maintenance easily, then you should try this amazing WordPress project management plugin called WP Project Manager. With this plugin, you can make your team and client satisfied with the progress of their project. Keep going on your project smoothly and scheduled.

The features of the WP Project Manager help you effectively done a project. You can use this plugin for personal or business. Even with the free version of this plugin.

WP Project Manager Backend View

Free features of WP Project Manager

  • Allows you to create unlimited projects, tasks, milestones, etc.
  • Personal dashboard for all users.
  • Automatically archived completed projects.
  • Team members can easily get their tasks from a personal dashboard.
  • Create unlimited milestones and assign unlimited tasks to them.
  • With a discussion thread, you can discuss a specific milestone or subject.
  • In the activities tab, you can look up your team activities.
  • Team member’s roles can be customized easily.

Premium features of WP Project Manager

  • Get a bird’s eye view of all tasks, and milestones from an interactive calendar.
  • Filterable reports by projects, tasks, co-workers, time, etc.
  • You can get the whole project progress reports at a glance.
  • Well-organized Gantt chart for each project and to-lists.
  • Front End maintenance.
  • Discuss privately anything, with the built-in private messenger.
  • Custom capabilities and permission.
  • Privacy in everything.
  • Manage files and documents from the files tab.
  • Integrate with WooCommerce, buddy press, etc.
  • Drag and drop the Kanban board.

And now, let’s talk about the difference between WordPress project management by UpStream and WP Project Manager

To say about the difference between the two plugins, the first question is, “What do you really need?” If you are looking for a basic type of work or project, or you do not have a big team or big project to work on, then UpStream is good for you. But if you need a well-organized and easily maintained software, discuss specific subjects, want to do private work, or share files and documents securely then you need WP Project Manager. The developers make everything safe, secure, well-organized, and easily maintained for you. 

Again, UpStream has a limited extension, whereas WP Project Manager has numerous features and modules.

Why WP Project Manager is the best plugin for WordPress project management?

If your goal is to succeed in your WordPress website for your business, then you need to manage and monitor your project adequately. You will have to plan out the entire project, organize it, layout easy-to-understand procedures and policies, and make sure that all the deadlines are met. All these can be easily maintained using the most powerful project management plugin. WP Project Manager solves everything at once. You can easily manage everything from your dashboard. You can use this plugin for personal or business, even with the free version. This plugin helps to collaboratively work with your team. You can assign specific people to specific tasks. If you are on vacation or your laptop is not with you, no need to worry as long as you have an internet connection, by their awesome responsive design you can easily look up everything from your smartphone or tablet.

Again, if you want advanced functionalities, they have enough features on their premium package.


In the end, I want to say, the two tremendous project management plugins, UpStream and WP Project Manager are amazing. I am sure you can choose from these top-class plugins and manage your projects effectively. But technically and practically speaking choose the best plugin for you. WP Project Manager is what you need. Grow your business or expand your career. So what are you waiting for? Start using this plugin now. Achieve an advanced functionality that is user-friendly, organized, and well maintained.

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