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This is Tanjir Al Mamun, WordPress Enthusiast, Traveller, Tech Blogger, and Photographer. Professionally working as a Support Coordinator at weDevs for the Dokan Support team, but passionately, he enjoys writing code in PHP, WordPress, and JavaScript.

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  • Custom Taxonomy in Dokan (Single-Select)

    Custom Taxonomy in Dokan (Single-Select)

    This article is an extended part of my previous one where I described how to add a multi-select custom taxonomy field in the add/edit product form of the Dokan Vendor Dashboard. Within this article, my focus will shift towards demonstrating how to introduce a single-select custom taxonomy field within the add/edit product form of the…

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  • Create a WordPress Child Theme EASILY in 2023

    Create a WordPress Child Theme EASILY in 2023

    When it comes to building a site with WordPress and looking for some coding-level modifications, we all ( WordPress Users ) have heard about the child theme to avoid losing the changes by updating a plugin or theme. As it seems, a child theme plays a vital role in a WordPress site. What is a…

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  • Custom Taxonomy to Dokan (Multi-Select) in 2023

    Custom Taxonomy to Dokan (Multi-Select) in 2023

    But here’s the real kicker: I will also ensure seamless integration with Dokan, the ultimate multivendor solution for WordPress. That means, your custom taxonomies will not just appear on the backend; they will also make a stunning appearance on the Dokan Vendor Dashboard. If you are familiar with WordPress, you are likely aware of taxonomies…

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